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Certified personal trainer


I love strength! I love vitality and functionality. It’s amazing when my clients feel stronger and capable in daily life. When they receive compliments from their wives and husbands about their stronger physique. When they feel confident about keeping up with their child, play sports better, when their low back pain goes away, their pregnancy is joyfully active, when they love the changes they see in the mirror, and many more wonderful things.

What are your goals? How do you want to feel? I’d love to meet you and find out how I can help you! I am 40 years old, a mother and partner, Certified Personal Trainer (NASM), Functional Aging Specialist (FAI), Certified Pregnancy and Postpartum Exercise Instructor (Oh-Baby! Fitness®), Certified Group Fitness Instructor (ACE), Total Body Tabata HIIT Instructor (ACE), and a Nutrition Coach in-progress (Pn1). Contact me for a free consultation and let's get your fitness journey elevated!

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